Alas, poor Castlevania: Dracula X (Vampire's Kiss in Europe). Despite the best Konami efforts to snugly fit all the brilliance of the original PC Engine CD title Castlevania: Rondo of Blood inside a Super Nintendo cartridge it was just not meant to be; the fact it was a step down in the controls department from the previously released Super Castlevania IV was the final nail in the coffin of this SNES outing. But due to the small PC Engine userbase in America and Europe it was this version in which most encountered Richter Belmont's adventures for the first time.

While nothing can be done regarding the controls, at least fans can enhance one of the series' most famous aspects: the soundtrack. The usual suspects have just released a new MSU-1 audio enhancement patch, with Conn on coding duties and PepilloPEV and Kurrono each contributing a different PCM soundpack to go along Belmont's second 16-bit SNES outing. The first (featured in the gameplay video below) features a mix of both the original PC Engine CD soundtrack and the latest PlayStation Portable re-imagination of the game, while the second focuses on fan remixes from the iconic series soundtrack.

Every time fan efforts allow us to revisit Konami's glorious past we remember how much we miss these franchises, even the games that weren't the best of the genre - as in this case. But at least the latest free content update for Super Bomberman R is definitely a step in the right direction, giving us a tiny glimpse of hope for the future of these beloved IP.