If you've played a lot of Indie games, you've played a lot of Unity games. Some major developers and publishers (including Nintendo) have also used the engine, but it's often employed by smaller studios seeking to realise their vision on a limited budget. For those that can't produce their own bespoke technology it's a valuable tool.

Reliance on it can lead to problems, though. In the Wii U era we spoke to developers that had to produce multiple builds of their game due to Nintendo's hardware only supporting older versions of Unity. Now a few developers have encountered delays on Switch due to a similar problem, with Yooka-Laylee developers Playtonic Games citing the issue.

For its part Unity says it's continually working to optimise the engine on Switch; in response to some recent concerns Hiroki Omae, Unity's Japan Regional Director, said the following the GamesIndustry.biz.

Unity has been providing developer support for Nintendo Switch since day one, and we're proud to report that more than 30% of games released on Switch to-date are made with Unity.

We continue to partner closely with Nintendo to optimize Unity on Switch, and are happy to see our developers finding great success on the system.

Hopefully the platform will get to the stage where its various updates and adjustments roll-out quickly on Nintendo's hardware. The easier it is for developers to bring their games to Switch, the more its library will grow.

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