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Nintendo's quest for mobile success has had its ups and downs to date. It's enjoyed a modest share of (pocket) monster profits from Pokémon GO, while it has released three main games / apps of its own. The two most recent have had varied success, but Nintendo has confirmed a notable landmark for one in particular.

It's confirmed that Super Mario Run has passed 200 million downloads, with over 90% of those outside of Japan. It's also highlighted an increase in players following the recent major update (and discount). Nintendo does admit, however, that monetising the game (through its one-off purchase) is still an issue, as the game has "not yet reached an acceptable profit point".

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Image: Nintendo

Nintendo states that it is, however, "on track" with its profit targets for Fire Emblem Heroes, with promotions and updates also leading to an increase in active users. The company is also keen to point out that sales (through microtransactions) are gradually improving outside of Japan.

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Image: Nintendo

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp seems to be off to a strong start in Australia, too, and that's an IP with undoubted potential for success on Mobile ahead of its late November global release. Overall, driven by Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo reported revenue of 17.9 billion Yen (approx $158 million) from mobile in its Q2 financial report.

It's interesting to see the steady evolution of Nintendo's efforts on Mobile; it still has the target of releasing 2-3 titles each year.

For now we await the global release of Pocket Camp - do you think it'll be a success?