Nintendo Switch

It came as a bit of a surprise when Nintendo put out the 4.0 update for the Switch, adding in neat extra features like eShop pre-loading and video capture. Still, there’s plenty left to be addressed in the system’s OS, and it seems that Nintendo’s really swinging for the fences here, as it has put out a similarly substantial update that tweaks the OS. Nobody was expecting one this soon, so why not catch us all by surprise?

All of the features that Nintendo added for the 4.0 update were welcome, but they also had an unforeseen side effect that affected every Switch console that received it. The consequences are really quite serious; although Nintendo isn’t stating it publicly, the console OS became a little bit less stable when 4.0 was introduced. Fortunately, a team of Red Bull fueled interns working around the clock managed to find the fix, deploying version 4.0.1, which does two things. It fixes the HDMI issue that some had with docked Switch units turning on TVs, but more importantly, it brings stability to the platform. Bullet dodged there, eh? Imagine trying to play your shiny new copy of Super Mario Odyssey on an unstable Switch. Gah.

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