Super Mario Odyssey was a hit at E3 this year, but a surprising part of the show was the popularity of the game's song, 'Jump Up, Super Star!'. Its chirpy lyrics and Big Band stylings took off, and before long the track had been ripped and lovingly shared online.

Now, following the release of an awesome musical video, Nintendo has made the shortened version of the song available as a free download. All you need to do is head to, click on the 'download for free' area and your computer will automatically grab the mp4 file.

It's a nice touch, for sure, though beware YouTubers; we bet Nintendo will still copyright strike the heck out of you if you use it in a monetised video...

Nintendo's certainly touched on a smart piece of marketing; the song has almost taken on a life of its own and does absolutely no harm to the game's hype.