Just a couple of days ago we were treated to a free download of 'Jump Up, Super Star!', the crazily addictive song that has been accompanying Super Mario Odyssey since its reveal at E3 this year. Now, in addition to this and the wonderful live-action music video that was released for it earlier this week, the song has also made its way to the 3DS as part of a downloadable theme based on the game - in Japan at least.

The theme also features a gorgeous collection of artwork from the game adorning both screens and has a super-snazzy folder design too! You can see it action below.

Japanese players can grab the theme right now for an introductory offer of 100 yen - this is set to rise to the standard theme price of 200 yen on November 9th. There is no news just yet of a release for the theme in other regions but we'd hope to see it arrive shortly.

This news leaves us wanting themes on Switch even more too - imagine this blasting through your TV speakers every day. "Odyssey, yes see!"

[source nintendoeverything.com, via nintendo.co.jp]