Incredibly, it's now one year since Nintendo lifted the lid on the Switch - and Nintendo Karen.

Leaked many months ahead of the official reveal, the hybrid nature of the Switch - then known as "NX" - left some unconvinced. Even the announcement video itself - which focused on the system's ability to transition smoothly between home console and handheld modes - left some unanswered questions, and it wasn't until the machine was actually in the hands of the general public a few months later that the unique nature of Nintendo's vision finally shone through. 

The rest, as they say, is history; Switch is selling like hot cakes and is inundated with quality games. But dammit, we still don't have that cool in-car attachment. What gives, Nintendo?

What were your initial thoughts when you watched this trailer 12 months ago, and have they changed since then? Let us know with a comment.