We've had the SNES Classic Edition in the office for a while now, and while we've covered its controller and games in video form already, one thing we've neglected to do is a proper unboxing. When a new piece of hardware comes out, you positively have to have an unboxing, right? We're pretty sure there's an ancient by-law dating back to the 14th century which stipulates as much. 

To atone for this shocking oversight we politely commanded our video wizard Alex to come up with something scintillating, entertaining and informative otherwise we'd shut off the oxygen supply to the underground bunker in which he toils away, creating moving images for your fleeting pleasure. 

"You what?" replied our esteemed YouTube guru and three-time recipient of Wiltshire's Winning Smile Award. "But I unboxed it ages ago. How is that going to work, exactly?"

He then went on to make a disgruntled comment about "not owning a bloody time machine" but after a few stern threats and the brief removal of breathable air, common sense won out in the end, so we can now proudly unveil our official, 100 percent factually correct and officially sanctioned unboxing of a SNES Classic Edition video feature presentation. Enjoy.