Super Mario Maker was one of our favourite Wii U games; Nintendo clearly invested great time, resources and thought into making it greater than its core concept. The user interface, the creativity of the tools that feed the player's imagination and the overall polish are a testament to the development team's efforts. Whether creating, exploring or just playing, Super Mario Maker still provides an exceptional experience.

It's just a shame that this once great game now feels a little bit dormant, given that the Wii U is being abruptly shoved off stage in favour of the Switch.

During the lifespan of the game we got a whole heap of new event courses and mystery mushroom costumes, including Barbara the Bat, Wolf Link and even Shaun the Sheep. It truly was the game that kept on giving.

However, the last game update was on 30th November 2016, but Nintendo do not appear to have forgotten about this once great game after all. A fresh update became available yesterday, and offered the following features:

Ver. 1.46
- Addressed an issue that caused text in the e-manual to display incorrectly.
- A number of issues have been fixed to make for a pleasant playing experience. (Released originally on 4/27/17)

In all honestly it's not the most exciting of updates, is it? We can only hope that Nintendo are doing a bit of housework in advance of a future reveal of Super Mario Maker for Nintendo Switch... we can dream, right?