It's not out of the ordinary to find common, off-the-shelf parts in a wide range of consumer electronics, but a recent discovery by Twitter user Jan Henrik has us well and truly puzzled.

Upon cracking open a Medical Imaging Electronics (MiE for short) ECG Trigger Unit, Henrik discovered that the machine's 240x160 pixel display was in fact a Game Boy Advance SP screen - and as you can see from the images below, we're not talking about MIE simply using the same Sharp-made LCD panel as Nintendo - this is an actual Game Boy Advance display, ripped from a GBA SP unit with the plastic casing still intact and then screwed into the casing of the ECG Trigger Unit.

Perhaps earlier revisions of the unit had different screens, and once the supply chain dried up MiE was forced to source the next best thing? You'd think there would have been more sensible approaches available rather than buying up a job lot of GBA SPs to take them apart, but whatever the reason, at least we have this odd piece of equipment to stare blankly at in 2017. Nintendo's magic is hiding everywhere.

Thanks to Gary Parker for the tip!