The Warriors series of games is never short of DLC, and Hyrule Warriors was no different on Wii U and 3DS. Now Fire Emblem Warriors is in line for a fair amount of extra content, and Nintendo of America and Europe has followed on from Koei Tecmo's Japanese website in providing some pricing and release timings.

A Season Pass will be available for both the Switch and New 3DS versions; it'll cost $19.99USD / £17.99 / €19.99 and include three DLC packs, along with the following Lucina bridal costume.

Bridal outfit FE Warriors.jpg

The DLC packs will come along pretty quickly, with some loose details below; as expected purchasing them separately will cost more than the season pass.

  • DLC Pack #1 (Dec 2017, $8.99USD / £8.09 / €8.99): The content in this pack is inspired by Fire Emblem Fates.
  • DLC Pack #2 (Feb 2018, $8.99USD / £8.09 / €8.99): Many of the characters and items in this DLC pack hail from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.
  • DLC Pack #3 (March 2018, $8.99USD / £8.09 / €8.99): Fans of Fire Emblem Awakening will love this DLC, as much of the content is themed after the classic game.

We wouldn't bet against there being more downloadable content in the future, but it'll perhaps depend on how successful the game is once it goes on sale.

Will you be tempted to pay for this DLC, or do you need to know more before paying out for a season pass?