The 14 September issue of Famitsu is one for the record books. The iconic magazine, which is the longest running gaming publication in Japan, reached its 1500th issue. Though Famitsu celebrated its 30th anniversary last year, 1500 issues is quite a big round number and also worthy of recognition. 


The issue is a split of the week’s current gaming news with some nods to the milestone achievement thrown in as well. A 36 page supplemental book was added covering the history of game controllers. There was also a spread of cover images where the magazine celebrated different milestones of the past, including both anniversaries and issue numbers. One point of note is that some issues like number 1,234 weren't anything special but were highlighted for having consecutive numbers. The issue sold out quickly, due its collectable status.

Beyond the pages of the magazine, Famitsu celebrated in other ways too. On 31 August and 1 September, live events were held in downtown Tokyo, featuring idol group Wake Up Girls and some other celebrities. These events were also streamed on the Famitsu NicoNico Dough channel.

Famitsu, which started as Famicom Tsuushin in 1986, has been an industry leader practically from the beginning; its cross review system influenced English publications like Electronic Gaming Monthly. Reviews, scores and weekly sales data presented in Famitsu are often posted in English media as well. 

If Famitsu continues to release weekly issues as it has been doing for decades, it will reach 2000 issues in the Spring of 2027. Who knows what the world of gaming will look like then!