Fire Emblem Warriors hits Switch and New 3DS this October, and Nintendo has revealed that it will showcase one of the most famous characters in the history of the series.

During yesterday's Nintendo Direct, it was confirmed that Lyn will be included in the game - which is quite a departure as most of the characters shown off so far are from Awakening, Fates or Shadow Dragon.

Lyn was one of the heroes in Fire Emblem on the GBA, the first game in the series to receive a western localisation. As such, she's a key figure for western fans of the franchise.

Fire Emblem Warriors launches on October 20th. The Switch version will ship in standard and special edition formats, with the latter costing $80 and shipping with 25 character art cards and a three-disc CD soundtrack. In addition to this, new Amiibo of Chrom and Tiki will also be available at launch.