Money saving!

Lego Dimensions may be getting on a bit these days but the series continues to get new content - Wave 9 is arriving soon - and you may well be tempted to dip a toe into the franchise if you haven't done so already.

The good news is that it's now cheaper than ever to get involved thanks to some generous price cuts at the official Lego online store. 

You can pick up the Wii U starter pack - which contains the main game and the all-important portal - for £22.50 (RRP: £89.99) at the time of writing, while many of the playsets and character packs are selling for as little as £3.75 (these are UK prices, needless to say).

Stock is shifting fast so these won't hang around for long. Let us know if these deals have tempted you to join the Lego Dimensions party, or if you've been able to plug gaps in your collection.

Now if only we could get the game on Switch...

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