The Switch eShop is gradually picking up more funny and intriguing games that have previously made their mark on other platforms - we can add Conga Master Party! to the list, due out this week.

Developed by Undercoders and published by Rising Star Games, it's a Snake-like game where you try to dance around various stages adding more people to your conga line. Naturally you have to dodge obstacles, and beyond single player modes there are multiple minigames for local multiplayer.

Originally released on PC last summer, it arrived on PS4 and Xbox One a few months ago; trailer below.

On those systems it was just called Conga Master, and the Party add-on for Switch refers to two exclusive new multiplayer modes, which means there'll be eight in total. It'll also support some amiibo, where scanning them will unlock cosplay costumes for the dancers.

It's out in Europe on 14th September, and its UK price of £7.99 matches the equivalent cost on Steam.

Are you planning to give this a whirl?