Shmup fans can rejoice, as the end of August brings along NMK's 1994 title Zed Blade (better know in Japan as Operation Ragnarok) to the Switch eShop. In this frenetic horizontal shmup you have the choice of three craft with different speeds along with customizable weaponry. After your choices have been made it is time to make a trip around our solar system, turning everything that moves on the screen into scrap metal.

But Zed Blade not only offers frenetic visual action but also great sound. The game is best remembered for the remarkable '90s electronic dance music that goes along with the action, which is 100% assured to bother every single person around your vicinity who isn't player 2.

Another of Hamster's phenomenal Arcade Archives months comes to an end with quite a bang. We know some of our readers were eagerly waiting for this one, but we must at the same time ask Hamster to stop all this teasing and release Pulstar already.

On a curious note, this is not the the only time shmup action got paired with '90s rave electronica. In the previous year Athena's Super Famicom BioMetal found itself shipped to America and Europe sporting a whole new soundtrack provided by dance act 2 Unlimited, because someone at Activision believed that was the key element for the game to succeed in the West!

Ah, the '90s... none of us were right in the head back then.