Occasionally our memory plays tricks on us - we may think back to old games and picture lovely, crisp visuals, but then we play them for real and, well, the results don't match our memories.

That could conceivably be the case with Monster Hunter XX. The Switch version demo is now out in Japan (instructions to access it here) and sometimes people say "meh, looks the same" when referencing how it compares to the 3DS original. In reality there's a big difference, especially once the Switch is docked and outputting at 1080p.

The video below from Arekkz Gaming highlights this nicely.

That's not to say the 3DS version is bad looking (especially considering the hardware restrictions), and YouTube uploads don't do the portable any favours; 3DS games certainly look better on the smaller screens and with the 3D effect enabled. Nevertheless, this does show that Capcom did a decent amount of work to improve textures for the HD release.

In any case, let us know how you're getting on with the demo and what you make of the Switch upgrade to the visuals.