Slime-San: Blackbird's Kraken

Slime-San is a promising new platformer for the Nintendo Switch starring an adorable green ball of slime as he runs and jumps and sloshes his way to freedom. It just came out today and we’ll be sure to have a review ready soon, but it seems that the game has even more content on the way already. The title previously released on Steam, and already received a DLC expansion that added quite a significant bit of additional content to the initial release.

A fan on Twitter recently asked the developer if we can look forward to see the expansion, called “Blackbird’s Kraken”, and the Fabraz replied that yes, we can. But, in a welcome surprise, Fabraz revealed that it’ll be distributed in a free update. Here’s a trailer from the PC release:

What do you think? How have you been liking Slime-San? Have you played the expansion on PC yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.