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ARMS is getting a new update this week, and although the official stance is that it will introduce balancing changes, dataminers have uncovered evidence that something more substantial could be coming to the game soon.

Digging through the game's code, a list of character names has been found. Some of these are nicknames for existing fighters - we're guessing they were internal names for characters before their final monikers were decided upon - but not all of them match up:

  • Belt (Max Brass)
  • Chain
  • Coil
  • DNA (Helix)
  • Hair (Twintelle)
  • Mee (Min Min)
  • Mummy (Mummy)
  • Ninja (Ninjara)
  • Plant
  • Police (Byte and Bark)
  • Ribbon (Ribbon Girl)
  • Robo
  • Scroll
  • Snake (Kid Cobra)
  • Spring (Spring Man)
  • Sumo
  • Surprise
  • Sweet
  • Twintale
  • Worker (Mechanica)
  • BossHead (Hedlok)
  • RNA (Dummies)

Could some of these names refer to characters that were removed before the game was finished, or are they all-new fighters which will be added via DLC? Let us know your thoughts by posting a comment.