Capcom Bar1.jpg
Image: Jon Cousins

Located opposite the famous 'Golden Gai' izakaya (bar) square in Shinjuku's Kabukucho district (Tokyo) is a small cafe dedicated to all things Capcom. Whether your franchise of choice is Street Fighter, Biohazard (Resident Evil), Rockman (Mega Man), or something a little more niche, there's plenty of memorabilia and a themed menu on offer.

From vibrantly coloured themed cocktails complete with specific skits performed by the enthusiastic staff, to anatomically grotesque looking sweets, the food will intrigue more than satisfy - what we tried was all pretty tasty, however. Our group had varying degrees of bravery when it came to beverages, trying out a cocktail mixed by adding a syringe full of liqueur, a mocha served in a jam jar and a 'freshly squeezed' orange juice resembling long time Rockman enemy Met.

Aside from the Biohazard menu the main dishes play it pretty safe, with pizza based on both Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney and Devil May Cry, a sausage on a bone from Monster Hunter, and a Rockman stew being the highlights.

There are also a number of single and multiplayer games available to try, with the new Mega Man Collection on a screen behind the bar. Predictably the center piece is a Street Fighter V booth between the two main seating areas - complete with arcade sticks. There are stickers from B side labels and funko pops of all Capcom's iconic characters available to purchase, and the wide variety of plushes on display are quite easy to find in nearby Akihabara.

Compared to the multitude of themed cafes that pop up in Tokyo, this Capcom café has a wider variety in terms of IP than the Gundam or the Final Fantasy equivalents, but we'd love to see more displayed artwork and history behind these iconic series.

Given the fact that exhibitions and special events happen all the time in Tokyo there's always something to look forward to, and probably more quirky game-themed meals to experience.