During E3 Nintendo outlined the first two free updates to ARMS on Nintendo Switch. The first is live and included a new local multiplayer mode along with LAN (local area network) play, and the second should come soon and will introduce Max Brass to the roster. Minor spoilers below.

Max Brass.JPG

Those familiar with the game will know Max Brass as the final round opponent (most of the time) in the game's Grand Prix mode, so will know about his various moves. It'll be interesting to see how his capabilities (including a taunt for charging up attacks) are adopted once players get their hands on him.

Now Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel has posted a trailer showing him in action.

The update is due in the middle of this month, so we should only have a couple of weeks to wait.

Are you looking forward to throwing some punches as Max Brass, or will you keep him at ARMS length?

Thanks to all that sent this in.