The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's first helping of DLC is now live, and includes a brutally difficult challenge which involves working your way through a series of dungeons armed only with the items you find inside.

While this new area will already have many of you gnashing your teeth in frustration, one player has discovered that it has some hidden secrets as well. Reddit user Sharkystheshotty has unearthed what appears to be an unused location outside of the dungeon:

Was on trial three on the Medium trials and flew up near the chest on the floating platform and just went through a wall. Couldn’t get back I didn’t make it.

I don’t really remember exactly where but I flew up with my glider on trial 3 on the Medium trials near where the floating chest was on the wall by the corner.

Recreating the glitch is proving difficult but Sharkystheshotty thankfully grabbed a few screenshots before the game reset. The location is strangely beautiful.


So why does this area exist? Perhaps it was a test area where the developers could tinker with things before adding them to the completed dungeons, or perhaps it was simply a left-over from development that never deleted, as Nintendo assumed no one would find it. If you've been able to find it, be sure to let us know with a comment.

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