Update: Don't worry everyone - common sense prevailed and Japan will be getting a pikachu 'flavoured' chocolate banana Mcflurry this weekend!

Original story: In support of the latest Pokémon movie - entitled Pokemon 20 - I choose you! - McDonald's Japan has started a campaign which gives customers the chance to win discount coupons in exchange for guessing which flavour Mcflurry they will launch alongside this weekend's cinematic release.

'If you could eat a Pokémon McFlurry, which Pocket Monster do you think it would taste like?' is the rather worrying question posed by the fast food giant, and the flavour options range from quite pleasant to just downright wrong.


Starting with more tasty examples, Pikachu's colour scheme is perfectly replicated as banana chocolate flavour, while Jigglypuff or 'Purin' (meaning pudding in Japanese) is white peach. In keeping with the Japanese summer tradition of 'kakigori' (shaved ice covered in flavored sugar syrup) Squirtle is Ramune soda flavor, but from there, things rapidly go downhill, with Charmander habenaro chili pepper, Gengar as sweet potato and finally, Bulbasaur as broccoli flavour. Urgh.

If you want to take part, follow McDonald's Japan's Twitter account and go to the link to pick your guess and then retweet it. You don't have long, though - guessing ends at one minute to midnight today, Japan time (July 10th).

Broccoli. Yuck.