Tatsumi Kimishima

It's been a crazy rollercoaster ride since Tatsumi Kimishima was named as the new Nintendo president, following the tragic and untimely passing of Satoru Iwata. He had big shoes to fill following Iwata's success during the Wii and DS era, and steering the company out of the commercial disaster that was the Wii U was always going to be a tricky one.

Yet the Switch launch back in March has been a resounding success and while Nintendo's dabbling in the smartphone arena hasn't quite set the world alight yet with releases such as Miitomo, Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, they have all pointed the way forward for future titles and served the vital role of getting Nintendo's brand and IP out there to a wider audience.

Thanks to such strong leadership from Mr. Kimishima (and of course the ever increasing share price), it's fair to say he is very popular with Nintendo's shareholders at the moment.

During Nintendo's 77th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, held on 29th June this year, five individuals were elected to the Board of Directors. Here are their associated approval ratings:

Tatsumi Kimishima: 97.70 %
Shigeru Miyamoto: 97.59 %
Shinya Takahashi: 97.65 %
Shuntaro Furukawa: 97.65 %
Ko Shiota: 97.65 %

The shareholder approval rating of Mr. Kimishima last year was 87.14 percent, so this easily demonstrates how popular the new president has become in such a short space of time.

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[source neogaf.com, via nintendo.co.jp]