2K Games has lifted the lid on the special collector's edition of the forthcoming grappler WWE 2K18. Dubbed the Cena (Nuff) Edition, it celebrates the 15-year career of superstar John Cena - who is a fan of the Switch himself, as it happens - and is limited to 30,000 copies worldwide.

Included in those 30,000 editions is the following content:

  • The game (obviously)
  • WWE 2K18 Season Pass digital content
  • Playable WWE Legends and John Cena Rivals: Batista and Rob Van Dam
  • Playable John Cena Characters: ECW One Night Stand (2006) and WrestleMania 26 (2010)
  • Kurt Angle Pack: Access to WWE “American Hero” (2001) and ECW “Wrestling Machine” (2006) playable characters
  • Exclusive premium packaging, including a unique cover sleeve
  • Exclusive Mattel John Cena / Cena Nuff action figure featuring alternate T-shirt options
  • Fanatics Limited Edition Commemorative Plaque with a piece of the ring mat, as well as a hand-signed photo from John Cena, in celebration of winning his 16th WWE Championship at Royal Rumble
  • WWE SuperCard limited edition in-game cards featuring John Cena, Batista and Rob Van Dam, as well as a Cena (Nuff) card back

The catch? This exclusive package only applies to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions of the game - although the title is confirmed for release on Switch later this year, Nintendo fans won't be joining the party.

Are you annoyed that you'll miss out on the chance to own a plastic version of the great man himself? Let us know with a comment.