Earlier today we reported on Super Mario Producer Yoshiaki Koizume confirming that he'd conduct a Reddit AMA. It's finished now and there were some interesting details; we've picked out a few of the questions and answers.

When asked about the biggest challenge making Super Mario Odyssey, Koizume-san said the following.

Biggest challenge has been that since it's 15 years since the last time we made a sandbox style Mario game, it felt completely different and new to come up with ideas that would work there. We had a lot of debate to decide if people would accept this kind of playstyle again. That was probably the biggest challenge for us.

There was also a little insight into HD Rumble and amiibo functionality.

We're working on lots of different HD Rumble integration, but on the showfloor players can feel the scooters rumble when you're driving that.

Everytime you tap an amiibo you'll receive a costume and in-game assistance.

Pauline was also a popular topic in her role as a musical mayor of New Donk City.

As we were developing Pauline more as a character, we know that she was going to be interested in jazz. It was interesting for us to have the first song in a Mario game with vocals. Have you guys been finding yourself singing it?

When we were deciding which Kingdoms to have in the game, we knew we wanted the city environment, and we wanted something that would have resonance with players. We knew that players know Pauline so we of course wanted to make her the mayor of New Donk City.

It's important to note that thought they are called Kingdoms, they do not necessarily have royalty, and that's why she's the mayor.

Koizume-san did also share a few personal insights, some more serious than others. For example he talked about his interest in high quality coffee.

I'm very particular about my coffee. I buy my beans, I grind them. I weigh the grounds and measures the volume of water. The water cannot be too hot unless the coffee will become bitter, so I like to pour over using a long stemmed pouring kettle. It has to have a long, narrow pouring spout or too much water will come out at once.

The whole thing has become a ritual for me, I really enjoy the good smell of the coffee as I make it.

Then the big question - "Mr Koizumi, would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?" - to which he replied...

Horse sized duck. It looks really cute, and maybe if I feed it, it will let me ride it.

Finally, Nintendo of America's account has said elsewhere that the odds are "pretty good" for more game reveals in what's left of E3.

It was a pretty good AMA, so it's worth checking out the whole thing.