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Publishers of various sizes are taking a run at the growing Switch market, and now Microïds can be added to the list. It's outlined its upcoming Switch eShop plans which include six games, including five that weren't previously announced.

The details are outlined below.

Syberia 1 - Q3 2017

We've known about the third game coming to the eShop for quite a while, but now it's confirmed that the original game in this adventure series is heading to Switch; the above trailer is from the PC original, released in 2002.

Syberia 2 - Q4 2017

This sequel arrived on PC in 2004, and now Nintendo Switch owners will be able to catch up on the full trilogy.

Syberia 3 - Q1 2018

This was previously announced, with this latest entry in the series only released recently on various other platforms.

Gear.Club - Q4 2017

This is an ambitious racing game that previously arrived on smart devices, so it'll be interesting to see how it stacks on on the Switch. There's split-screen local multiplayer racing and an online mode, with the claim made of 30 cars, over 400 races and '200 unique tracks'. Even if the reality is a little different, it's a racing game on the way to Switch!

Flashback - Remastered Edition - Q4 2017

This was actually published by Ubisoft on other platforms in the last generation of hardware, and not all fans of the iconic original approved of the remaster. Nevertheless we'll see how it stacks up on Switch at the end of the year.

Blacksad - Q4 2018


This is a new project coming to various current-gen systems; it's an adventure-mystery game based on the graphic novel of the same name. Expect anthropomorphic noir due to the cast and 1950s setting.

So there you have it, six games heading to the Switch over the next couple of years. Do any of these stand out to you?