With less than a month until Nintendo pulls back the curtain and gives fans the chance to go hands-on with Super Mario Odyssey at E3 you can imagine anticipation is pretty high. To keep the suspense going, some new off-screen footage has come to light from one of the Switch launch events back in January. 

The clip uploaded to YouTube shows Mario standing on his airship with a projector screen behind him examining the landscapes of Odyssey. In the video we get a small look at New Donk City where we can see a new tank foe shooting projectiles at the screen whilst moving around a building resembling the Empire State. There is also what appears to be a beam of light at the peak of structure, possibly used for a power-up of some sort. 

The screen then transitions into the desert land shown in the reveal trailer. Not much can be seen here as the camera holder moves away from screen, but it does give an indication on how large the area will be. 

Super Mario Odyssey is due for release Holiday 2017 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Recently Nintendo confirmed its E3 Plans, including that the 'sandbox-style' Mario game will be playable on the show floor. 

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