The Wii U will not likely go down as a high point in Nintendo’s long history with games, the console failed to draw in the masses that came out to buy the Wii and ultimately ended on a rather embarrassing note given the company’s history of success. Still, there’s good to be found in any bad situation, and one positive of the Wii U was that it gave certain indie developers a spotlight that they otherwise would’ve never received in an ecosystem more heavily populated with games. One such developer is Rain Games, which released its steampunk platformer, Teslagrad, on the eShop in 2014.

Teslagrad was a multiplatform title, but Peter Wingaard Meldahl—CEO of Rain Games—pointed out in a recent interview that the game was most profitable on Wii U due to increased visbillity. Meldahl said:

There was not many titles released for [the Wii U], comparatively. Indie titles actually got a good visibility on the platform. That wouldn’t have been the case on any other platform.

For a couple weeks, Teslagrad sat at the top of the Wii U’s charts, giving the game a kind of visibility that it wouldn’t have achieved elsewhere. And now, it could certainly be argued that the game’s sort-of sequel—World to the West—has benefitted from that increased consumer perception.

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[source gamasutra.com]