We've known about plans for the Super Nintendo World amusement park attraction for some time now. Late last year, Nintendo and Universal Studios announced that they would be bringing Nintendo attractions and rides to Universal Studios Japan, Hollywood and Orlando, and we haven't been able to stop wondering what they might look like when they finally open, first in Japan in 2020 and later at an unspecified date in the U.S.

A recently filed trademark by Nintendo for Super Nintendo World (search for number 87462048) does offer some clues as to what we can expect from the attractions in North America. It's worth looking through the trademark application yourself if you are curious, but "management or arrangement of kart racing" stood out to us immediately as a strong indication that a Mario Kart-style attraction will indeed be present.

It appears that 'hotel accommodation services' also form part of this trademark, so one day you might find yourself getting a good night's sleep in a DK Jungle style room before waking up for another fun day at Super Nintendo World.

It's all very intriguing and we can't wait to learn more. Let us know your thoughts on this recently filed trademark with a comment below.

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