The Nintendo Switch is a versatile gadget, which is part of its appeal, but you can always rely on fans to find fun ways to take it back to the 'good old days'. A talented chap from Italy called Filippo sent us some images of how he's turned his Switch into a cute little arcade cabinet, and we thought it perfect for brightening up our day.

As you can see below it's themed around Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, with the console forming the screen of a cabinet. The only 'improvement' we could think of would be for the Joy-Con to be embedded into a front shelf like real arcade sticks and buttons. Sure, it'd be obnoxious to actually control the games this way, but it sure would look cool.

Switch arcade.jpg
Image: / Filippo S

It's a fun little idea, anyway, and if you really want to feel like a big-spending hotshot you can fire up some ACA Neo Geo games in a cabinet like this. It'd be more affordable than building a real Neo Geo cabinet, anyway...