There's another interesting title to add to the list of upcoming Switch eShop releases, with confirmation that Death Squared is due for a Q2 release. From SMG Studio, this is a co-op puzzle title - which is also fun in single player, the developer assures us - in which you direct robots through various perilous courses.

You can see a trailer below:

The press release promises all-new content on the Switch, while the system's local multiplayer options are cited as a major benefit.

Following a successful launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, the Nintendo Switch version will feature all-new exclusive content with additional levels unseen in the previous releases.

Grab a Joy-Con and lead the game's cuboid comrades through treacherous test chambers. With up to four players, guide the group to safety in increasingly-complex puzzles where one false step can trigger traps capable of sending the whole team to the big scrapyard in the sky.

To escape each new challenge, every robot must be escorted to color-coded destinations. Along the way, players will encounter hidden hazards, including spikes, lasers and other deadly devices, that can send the whole squad back to square one. However, with a little help from instant respawns, parties can put newly-gained knowledge of these obstacles to quick use.

Let us know whether this one's going on your wishlist.