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Earlier today a number of our readers tipped us off on a report that Axiom Verge developer Tom Happ had stated the game was 'in the works' for a retail release on Nintendo Switch. That wording wasn't entirely clear, however, as we wondered whether a desire to bring the game to Switch had been misinterpreted as confirmation.

Sadly that is the case, with Dan Adelman - Happ's Business Manager - tweeting to clarify the game isn't yet confirmed for Switch, which Happ then retweeted. Adelman then went on to reiterate previous remarks regarding their intention to bring the game to Switch, but that there have been issues getting it over the line with Nintendo of America.

100% up to . It could have been a launch title if they had approved it.

We need to wait for them to say it's ok. We could've had it out at launch. We've been asking them non-stop for over a year.

We're looking at ways to work around NOA. Nothing certain.

For its part the World 1-1 Podcast, which originally reported on the apparent Switch version, updated its post for the sake of accuracy, which does at least remind us that the game is due a physical retail version on Wii U.

Update: Tom has clarified that he is hoping to get Axiom Verge to the Switch with a retail release though development on it has not yet started as he is currently working on getting the retail versions for PS4, PS Vita, and the Wii U to shelves.

Original story:

In an interview last night, Tom Happ, creator of Axiom Verge stated that a Switch retail release of Axiom Verge is in the works. This release is looking to include not only the game but also a physical manual, a documentary about the game, and possibly a copy of the soundtrack.

What this proves, if nothing else, is that some are certainly keen to see this title come to Nintendo Switch. Whether it'll get over the line in the future will be interesting to see.