When LEGO City: Undercover launched for the Wii U back in 2013, it was chock full of surprises for Nintendo fans eager to launch into the console's first open-world adventure game. With the game making the leap to both current-gen and competing platforms, there was some fear that the game's numerous easter eggs, many of which are cheeky nods to the Mushroom Kingdom, would not survive the journey to the Switch.

Thankfully, that isn't the case, albeit with one notable exception in the Mario hat available to those who had beaten the game. We've collected all the surviving references here, and we're going to share them with you below, dear reader.



Mario's explosive enemy is one of the quickest and easiest easter eggs to find in all of LEGO City. To get this little guy all you need to do is head over to Pagoda. You'll see a cage with a flag on top. On the flag is a picture of a bob-omb; walk over to the big tree nearby and you'll find the LEGO pieces required to assemble the walking explosive, then carry it over to the cage to blow it up and earn a Super Brick.

Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant.jpg

For this one you'll need to have progressed far enough in the story to have unlocked the farmer costume. Once you have the costume, head over to the dojo and walk around back. Back there you'll find a warp pipe. Water it and a piranha plant will sprout. Watch out though, it'll try to burn you with its fire breath!

Bullet Bill

Bullet Bill.jpg

Bullet Bill is another easy one to locate. All you have to do is drive over to Kings Court district, and in the center of the area you'll see some green cannons; get too close to one and a bullet bill will fly out and start chasing you down! Watch out too, they pack a serious punch!

Fishing for Cheep Cheep

Cheep Cheep.jpg

In the Crescent Park district at the dock you'll find a lone fishing pole. If you grab it and win the minigame, you'll pull one of Mario's fmous Cheep Cheeps out of the water. It doesn't do anything more than flop around before returning to the water and leaving a single blue stud, but it's still a neat little surprise.

The Wiggler

This elusive little guy can be found inching his way around the train tunnel connecting Bluebell National Park to Fort Meadows. Just look up above and you may find him, though he isn't always there.

? Blocks

Question Block.jpg

Hidden throughout LEGO City are five of Mario's iconic ? blocks. Each of these blocks will yield a ton of studs for you to collect, but when you get all of them you'll also unlock the Super Wrestler costume, which isn't as cool as - say - a Mario hat, but it's still a neat reward nonetheless. The blocks are located in the following areas:

  1. Lego City Airport under the freeway
  2. Pagoda, on the path near the ocean
  3. Auburn Bay Bridge, near the support beams
  4. Bluebell National Park on the top of the dam
  5. Apollo Island, behind the garages

Super Stars


These stars are a bit of a mix between the super stars seen in the Mario series overall and the power stars found in Super Mario 64. When you grab one it'll circle around you like a Mario 64 star, but will play music like any other star. You don't get anything for getting them all, but here they are in case you'd like to go after them anyway:

  1. Uptown, on the roof of the library.
  2. Fresco at the top of the leaning tower.
  3. Cherry Tree Hills, on a roof top in the northeast.
  4. Bright LIghts Plaza, on top of the apartments.
  5. Paradise Sands, on the roller coaster.

What do you think of these hidden references in LEGO City: Undercover? Have you spotted a Nintendo reference that we missed? Let us know in the comments below, and happy exploring!