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Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is out in the West in late May, but it's out on 20th April in Japan. As a result the marketing and details announced for the country have stepped up a gear and plenty of information has emerged.

First of all, below is a rather flashy trailer showcasing a range of classes, with familiar names being joined by the likes of Gold Knight, Dread Fighter and Barron.

In terms of file size it's relatively big, but most should be able to find room on their SD Cards - it's 12,877 blocks, which should be about 1.6GB.

As was the case with Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates there's also plenty of DLC on the way - there'll be three blocks of content, with purchases of the limited edition including the first set; a season pass that'll get Japanese players the whole lot will apparently cost 4,800 Yen (about $44). Naturally each map and pack can likely be bought separately, and in each subsequent pack the content will get tougher and include tie-ins to the game's story.

Some details below via Perfectly-Nintendo.

Set 1: The Fighter's Journey (800 Yen)

A set of three pieces of DLC, to help players beginning their journey through the game;

  • Temple of the Stars (Difficulty: ★ / Price: 400 Yen). Reward: item (map can be completed as many times as you want). The item is Starsphere Shards (random drop);
  • The Ruffians and the Treasure (Difficulty: ★ / Price: 300 Yen). Reward: Silver Coins (map can be completed as many times as you want);
  • No Rest for the Dead (Difficulty: ★ / Price: 300 Yen). Reward: XP (map can be completed as many times as you want).

Set 2: 3 maps designed to help players go through the final stages of the game

Set 3: 10 maps designed for players who want to grow their units

Nintendo specifies that the maps from Set 2 and 3 will be released sequentially, until June 30th. We also learn there will be special collaboration content with Fire Emblem 0 (the TCG Game).

As normal there'll also be a freebie on day one with a helpful item, in this case Goddess Gift 1 (Boots, only once).

DLC details will likely remain largely the same (albeit with localised names) when the content comes to the West; as always with FE games there'll be plenty to do.

Are you excited about Shadows of Valentia or still unconvinced that it's worth picking up on 3DS? Let us know in the comments.

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