It seems like a rather odd oversight that it took Nintendo so many years to finally put out a level editor for the Super Mario series, but when it finally got around to it, the final result was something to remember. Super Mario Maker was a fantastic success on the Wii U (and on the 3DS to a certain extent), offering gamers the chance at putting their creative skills to use in the production of unique levels. The idea could certainly extend to other franchises within Nintendo's possession, but it seems that Namco may be jumping on the bandwagon now.

Namco recently filed a patent with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for a "Pac-Man Maker". No more details are available at the present, but the name certainly seems to indicate a similar approach to what Nintendo did with Super Mario Maker. Granted, there's a chance that this is just being filed as a preemptive measure and nothing else will come of it, but still, imagine the possibilities.

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