If you're a regular viewer of the Nintendo Life YouTube channel then you will no doubt have noticed that we passed the 100,000 subscribers mark a short time ago - an incredible achievement of which we're very, very proud.

The man who almost single-handedly made it possible is Alex Olney, Nintendo Life's resident video wizard. Alex recently took possession of the coveted Silver YouTube Button, a gift which is mailed out to content creators who pass that momentous 100k point. He's created the video shown above as a thank you to everyone who follows the channel, which you should really watch if you like feeling all warm and gooey inside.

It's amazing to think that back in 2014 Alex was simply an avid reader of the site who decided to take part in our Days of Our Tomodachi Lives competition. He was one of the week's winners and sent in the most eloquent "Thank You" email we've ever received. Realising that he was a talented writer we got him on board to do some content for the site and one thing led to another; he's now in charge of our video content but also helps out with reviews and attending events.

Which Alex moment has been your favourite so far? Was it when he cooked up a mouth-watering fake Nintendo NX prototype? Maybe you enjoyed his daring exposé which investigated exactly what the NES Classic Mini was small enough to fit inside? Perhaps your best Alex moment is when he went beyond the call of duty and donned those fetching Super Mario swim shorts? The choice is almost endless, and we hope you've enjoyed Alex's content as much as he's enjoyed creating it.

Here's to reaching 200,000 subs.