If you're a '90s kid then you've no doubt had the experience of attending a birthday party at your local McDonald's. With its bright colours, hard-wearing furniture and no-hassle fast food, it was the venue of choice for long-suffering '90s parents who just wanted a bit of peace and quiet while their offspring digested a few burgers in-between chasing their friends around the playground.

iRetrogamer's Tyler Esposito was one such child, and he's unearthed another vintage home movie which shows a pivotal birthday in his gaming life - the one which took place after he was given a Super Nintendo at the tender age of five.

Esposito's sixth birthday was therefore bound to feature Nintendo's 16-bit powerhouse at some point, but his gaming-mad father wasn't satisfied with North American releases and instead gave his son a trio of Japanese Super Famicom titles, one of which was the sublime Contra III, complete with Arnie's face on the cover.

Getting the import version of Contra III for your sixth birthday in a McDonald's? We're not sure it gets any cooler than that - although perhaps receiving a copy of 101 Dalmatians on VHS at the same time does take it to the next level.