Not so long ago we made a video comparing Yoshi's Woolly World to Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World, with the lead-in that of course they're not truly comparable, as such, but that Good-Feel had done a jolly good job of bringing the title to the portable. After all, the 3DS does impressive things with a GPU that's six years old in the system and was - frankly - not exactly bleeding edge tech in 2011. As we've said frequently, Nintendo is no longer in the business of trying to win the graphical arms race.

Nevertheless, we do find it amusing when the 3DS - such a lovable little scamp - is assessed earnestly alongside hardware that, in terms of graphics, could take its lunch money and give it the biggest wedgie known to man. Such as, hm, the PS4 / Pro.

Digital Foundry, a channel we rather enjoy for its detailed work, has therefore given us a bit of a laugh comparing Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance with the even more peculiarly named Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue. This is because the remake (of sorts) includes a spruced up version of the game many enjoyed on 3DS.

When it's a fight on graphical terms, it's rather like Roberto Duran going up against George Foreman - both great fighters, but not exactly a fair contest.

We look forward to the showdown when Kingdom Hearts 3.76: Second Chapter Introduction on the PS6 does battle with the PS4 equivalent.

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