Flyhigh Works is bringing Rayark's iOS and Android music title VOEZ to the Nintendo Switch, Famitsu has confirmed.

This rhythm action release is free-to-play on smartphones, and offers new tunes on a monthly basis. The story (yes, it has a story) involves the titular band VOEZ and their quest to "fight hardships together" and "devote themselves" to music.

Here's some info taken from the game's Android listing:

VOEZ invites you to embark on the remarkable journey of teenage dreams,
Following after Cytus and Deemo, two titles that took the world by storm,
Bringing out the most of Rayark's developing forces is the rhythm game VOEZ which has officially arrived!


Listen to our voice!

Chelsea, a girl who wholeheartedly loves baking and singing. Due to an unexpected event, she and her Lan Kong High School classmates decided to pursue their mutual dream, leading to the birth of their band VOEZ. Over time they face obstacles and fight hardships together, completely devoting themselves to band practice so the world may hear their voices.

Game Features

- Dynamic tracks with falling notes, bringing visual and gameplay experience to a whole new level!
- Striving to be a record breaking rhythm game with the largest music collection to date!
Players will be able to access new tunes on a monthly basis!
- As the game progresses, players will join the game characters on their youthful adventures
- Occasional updates will feature vast selection of new free and paid song packs
- Ability to create game account and engage in real time competition with other players around the world for the leaderboard
- Introducing multiple game modes! "Challenge", "Tournament" and more to come soon, please stay tuned

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Thanks to SLIGEACH_EIRE for the tip!

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