The results are in. Nintendo has revealed its victors in the Fire Emblem Heroes voting event that asked fans to choose their favourite characters from across the series; as promised the winners will be given special "Choose Your Legends" upgrades of themselves.

Amassing 33,871 votes, Ike "fights for his friends" from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance took the top male spot along with Lyn from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade leading the female vote with a whopping 49,917. It's worth noting that Ike appeared on the poll multiple times, also placing in 5th place for his Radiant Dawn appearance. So it seems fighting for your friends makes a difference after all.

Fire Emblem Results.JPG

Feeling generous, Nintendo has also announced that second place Roy from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade and Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening will be receiving the same treatment as the victors. This is because over 1,200,000 votes were cast during the poll; for the full results you can click this link.

No date has been given as to when these characters will appear in game apart from mentioning to "check social media channels for information".

Roy and Lucina.JPG

Who did you vote for in the Fire Emblem Election? Are you happy with the outcome?