Standard Majoras Mask.jpg
Image: First 4 Figures

The 'Majora's Mask' featured in the The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask has entranced many since its inception all the way back in the era of the Nintendo 64.

Becoming a prominent symbol for those who are familiar with the series, die-hard fans will soon be able to own a replica of the colourful mask courtesy of First 4 Figures.

First 4 Figures is no stranger to the Zelda series, with its sculpts of various Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess characters. Both standing at 25 inches tall to be 'life size', there are two versions of the 'Majora's Mask' that are up for pre-order; the standard edition rakes in at $354.99, while the exclusive edition is only $30 more at exactly $384.99. It's also worth noting that there are multiple plans for giving payment, so you can gradually hurt your wallet over the coming months instead of instantaneously.

The differences between the standard edition and exclusive edition is that the exclusive edition's eyes light up; it looks pretty great in the dark, which you can see in the following screenshot below.

Image: First 4 Figures

Are you going to pick one up, or is the price a little too large to justify?

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