Late last year we reported on the rather pleasing news that Super Mario toys were coming back to McDonald's Happy Meals in the UK, all set to be the January campaign. Now we have some images of the toys, with one lucky reader even getting hold of one early.

We were sent the following tweet showing the Mario toy from the range, in addition to some strange packaging. Apparently Mr Galley's local McDonald's had run out of the current Furby toys and didn't even have the proper boxes for the Mario range, hence the workaround seen below.

We've since had another Twitter follower (Oliver Roderick) forward a screengrab of a document showing them and when they're due to formally roll-out, helping to confirm that these are indeed the right toys.

Mario toys.jpg

Now, we're not going to lie, Mario's toy - sitting as he is on brown bricks - is perhaps a little poorly thought out...

The range as a whole looks rather charming, though. If you're in the UK let us know whether you'll be heading out to collect these toys from 11th January.