Yep, that's a mock-up we made for April Fools' in 2014
Yep, that's a mock-up we made for April Fools' in 2014 (Image: Stephen E. Dinehart IV)

Stephen E. Dinehart IV is a game maker and creator that - prior to the formal reveal of the Nintendo Switch - outlined his involvement in developing for the system; he's now shared an interesting article titled 'Evolution - Nintendo & VR', in which he outlines a history of Nintendo innovation and makes some intriguing remarks.

Putting aside the debatable assertion he makes that the Virtual Boy was a VR device - we consider it more an early attempt at 3D displays - the following segments are particularly notable (bold emphasis has been added).

As a Nintendo developer and fan few things get me as excited as the launch of new platforms - yep, hardware. In an age of virtual goods Nintendo develops products and platforms that people love to hold. The reveal coming later this week is sure to surprise old fans and new alike.

...It only seems natural with the launch of Nintendo's new platform The Switch, a modular HD game console, that VR would be on the product roadmap. Given the right specs, ones yet disclosed, there's no reason VR peripherals wouldn't show for the system and just maybe something more. As a Nintendo and VR/AR developer I can't say much, but I can say the fit is one made in heaven.

...In fact, Nintendo was the first into the 3D market, dare I say VR/AR, with their Nintendo 3DS - still the best selling video game console of all time.

Nintendo has arguably always been ahead of the curve starting with the global game boom of the late 1800's. With R&D periods that span decades and the launch of a new powerful console, the Nintendo Switch, it's only natural that one of the first players in the home VR market would once again stake its claim.

Now as part of the Nintendo team few moments in my life as an emerging tech developer have filled me with so much anticipation - this is one step in evolution you won't want to miss.

They are some interesting remarks. It does look like the Switch will have a Virtual Reality accessory at some point due to a patent that emerged late last year, and this article from Dinehart IV is the latest to add weight to that assertion. His remarks are certainly intriguing; his 3DS remark about its sales is inaccurate, it should be noted.

Let us know what you think of this, and whether you'd like to see VR and or AR (augmented reality) in this week's Nintendo Switch Presentation.

As a side-note, the LinkedIn article has indeed used our April Fools' mock-up from 2014 - fun times.

With thanks to ThanosReXXX for the heads up.