The Monster Hunter franchise is so prolific that Capcom has struggled to keep up with localisation to the West, or has simply been unsure of whether some releases will sell well outside of its home nation. We're still waiting for Monster Hunter Stories, for one thing, and it's unclear whether Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) - essentially Generations X - will make it out of Japan.

We hope it will eventually make a dash for the West, as more of the series is pretty much always welcome; our intrigue around the release has also stepped up a notch with the confirmation of the latest quirky crossover DLC. Sailor Moon is the latest franchise making an appearance, with a Felyne Weapon and Shield on the way as extras - Monster Hunter XX is coming out in Japan on 18th March.

Monster Hunter Generations had some excellent crossover outfits and weapons in all of its free DLC, but we're not sure many were as interesting as this.