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We're posting this on UK time, as the clocks strike midnight and 2017 arrives. If you're reading this in Japan, Australia or anywhere in that region you're well into the New Year; for those of you with an evening of festivities still to come, have a great night.

2016 has been a mixed bag from Nintendo, to put it charitably, with some giddy highs - such as the full unveiling of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at E3 and the reveal of the Switch - and some lows including a short release slate on Wii U, while the launch of Super Mario Run also attracted some negative user reviews and publicity.

There's a lot more besides to talk about, which we will look at on New Year's Day, but for now we'll keep it simple. 2017 could be fantastic. New hardware is always a highlight every few years, and we're optimistic that Nintendo will go at the launch wholeheartedly to try and ensure its success; we can't wait to delve into a new generation of Nintendo gaming. Beyond that we'll see Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem on mobile, along with at least one more title for smart devices, and the 3DS also has a few tricks up its sleeve with some confirmed releases still to come.

Here's to 2017 then; we look forward to sharing the highs and lows with all of you.