Earlier this week we shared some rather handsome Banjo-Kazooie reimagined as a Mario RPG artwork, as the first of what we plan to be daily posts celebrating amazing fan art. Now we have more pixel art, this time in honour of an iconic Wii / New 3DS title.

AbyssWolf on DeviantArt - real name Daniel Oliver - was recommended to us by Nintendo Life regular AlexSora89, and his latest piece caught our eye. Published on 10th November 2016, it's a Xenoblade Chronicles 'demake', reimagining the sprawling Monolith Soft title as a SNES RPG.

It's another lovely bit of pixel art, we reckon. Let us know what you think and also leave any recommendations you have down in the comments (just tag @ThomasBW84 with recommendations).

[source abysswolf.deviantart.com]