Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run has been grabbing a lot of attention over the past few weeks, as this is the first time Nintendo brought its mustachioed mascot to mobile markets. While the game has admittedly been bringing in mixed reception—how could we forget that stock drop?—it's nonetheless been a popular app downloaded by millions of... iOS users. Yes, just iOS users so far, but it seems that could change soon.

Nintendo has said in the past that it would be bringing the game to Android in due time, and while there's still no specifics being given on this front, the game has just gone up for pre-registration on Google Play. Bear in mind that it took about a month and a half between its pre-registration and launch on iOS, but maybe we'll hear details at or around the upcoming Nintendo Switch event in mid-January. You can pre-register here.

What do you think? Will you get this for Android? Do you think it was wise for Nintendo to release the game at different times for iOS and Android? Drop us a comment in the section below.