Friendly fire

Super Mario Run's World Tour mode is fun, but it's the Toad Rally mode which really provides the game's addictive hook. In this mode you compete with other players to earn Toads which expand the size of your kingdom and grant access to new buildings and items.

Taking part in Toad Rally requires special tickets, and if you're looking to play a lot, these run out quite quickly. This robs you of the chance of improving your skills, but thankfully Nintendo has now introduced a feature which allows you to participate without spending valuable tickets - the catch being that you don't earn coins or Toads as a result. Also, enemies defeated in these runs aren't counted towards your total.

"Friendly Run" allows you to challenge people on your friends list to a Toad Rally, where you can observe their tactics and hone your own talents. While you won't expend any tickets in this mode, there are limits on the number of times you can challenge your pals to a run. If you haven't finished World 1, you can only play once a day. If you have cleared World 1, then your limit is three times. If you've finished World 2, then you can play up to five times.

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