Ever since Shigeru Miyamoto joked at the Super Mario Run reveal that players could help Mario do his thing while also eating a burger at the same time, Nintendo's been pushing the one-handed angle. It's a fun spiel, for sure, even if playing the game while eating dinner is sure to annoy others; don't do it on a date, is our free advice to you.

In any case, as a bit of weekend fun below are a couple of videos from the past week where the big N makes the point further. First up is a skit that Miyamoto-san did with Buzzfeed, where they give him various cakes to eat while he plays; naturally he's awesome and makes it work.

Next is this week's Nintendo Minute, in which Kit & Krysta multi-task while playing; Kit, in particular, does a good job of beating a tricky-ish stage while glugging ice-cold water.

We look forward to tabloid newspapers reporting on an idiot crashing their car while playing the game, blaming Nintendo in the process. Hey, you know someone will do it...